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Online life coach and built in community for every member

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have you ever wondered how many times per day we have a negative thought?

The answer is on average 40,000 negative thoughts each day – that’s 80% of all of them! Staggering right?!?!

With that knowledge in mind is there any wonder why most of us find it hard to achieve anything we set out to do? If most of us are telling ourselves we can’t, then that’s EXACTLY what we’ll believe.


Mastering something fundamentally simple, such as weight-loss and fitness is so much more difficult than it seems, but once we believe we can do it, the job becomes much, much easier.

Becoming an Aijan UK member is like having an online life coach with you at all times.

Believe it's possible... Because it is!

Whether we like it or not our mindset (what we tell ourselves) is what we believe – and that’s why we need to change those words, thoughts and beliefs.


Under-pinning Aijan’s entire ethos is mindset and belief. If I could tell you the difference between success and failure why would I deprive you of that knowledge? That’s why we lead with belief. Once you believe and have an internal mechanism to continue believing (even when the obstacles stand in your way – which they WILL), you will have all the tools at hand to get to be who you want to be - and I don’t just mean physically.

What if this really does work?

If you could believe, you'd see a new you in the mirror in 8-12 weeks’ time – would you take the plunge? Would you decide to believe you can… even before the proof is in the mirror?

We are nothing but a product of those we surround ourselves with! Self is NOTHING without community!

Join a growing community of like minded people. All over 40 years old, many in their 50s (like me) and into 60s and 70s. We're never too old, and it's never too late to drop the pounds and get in shape for a healthier, fuller, and ultimately longer life!

Phil Brookes smiling with his hands on his hips

Looking for an online life coach?

Meet UK-based, Aijan, where Age Is Just A Number!

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