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Access to one of the UK's best nutrition plans

Selection of healthy food

Nutrition advice from the experts

All members receive regular nutrition expertise on all things food including 4 week meal plans, healthy recipe books (including vegan) and more...

Learn and realise how a calorie deficit can change your life in an instant.

Every ‘weight loss’ diet out there has one common factor – whether it’s a ‘points’ system or ‘pre-prepared meal plan’, in one way or another, they ALL depend on reducing calories.

By tracking how many calories you eat AND how many calories you burn each day, you will instantly change your life. Once you KNOW the ‘value’ of what you’re eating, you’ll make different choices, and the result of these choices and decisions will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN AN INSTANT!​

Selection of healthy food

Ultimate Snack Hacks

We can't stop feeling hungry throughout the day - especially those evenings in front of the telly - but what do we eat? Must we always be restricted?

Choose your package and gain FULL, EXCLUSIVE access to all my ultimate snack hacks and top tips on how to manage your cravings.


Snack without guilt!

For all the details, hacks, cheats, videos, community and more, choose your package now.

Phil Brookes With His Hands On His Hips

Looking for online nutritionists in the UK?

You've found one of the best.

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